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18 May

Silicon Valley decided that internet connectivity matters more than human connectivity.


The overselling of ed tech

16 Mar

Answer Sheet

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The Three Most Important Questions You Can Ask Your Teenager

4 Feb

stop asking What (What grade did you get? What team did you make?) and begin asking Who, Where, and How?

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Who Gets to Graduate?

20 May

By PAUL TOUGH for NY Times

Best, Brightest and Rejected

12 Apr

Elite Colleges Turn Away Up to 95%

Are We Underestimating the Math Powers of Our Youngest Students?

10 Apr

Research on Children and Math: Underestimated and Unchallenged
via MindShift

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Classes should do hands-on exercises before reading and video

9 Apr

Stanford researchers say

A study from the Stanford Graduate School of Education of how students best learned a neuroscience lesson showed a distinct benefit to starting out by working with an interactive 3D model of the brain.

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