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American Teenagers Are Getting Worse at Math

13 Mar

American students are falling behind the rest of the developed world
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New standardized tests…

23 Apr

…feature plugs for commercial products

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Finland’s Unorthodox Education System

4 Dec

26 Amazing Facts About Finland’s Unorthodox Education System

Grading Schools

25 Nov

When ‘Grading’ Is Degrading

NCLB Waivers

11 Feb

NCLB? Waivers?

Parent School

21 Nov

How About Better Parents?

Most Effective Parental Involvement

Back to school: How parent involvement affects student achievement

The “Shock Doctrine” comes to your neighborhood classroom

7 Sep

Corporate reformers use the fiscal crisis and campaign contributions to hype an unproven school agenda

In Classroom of Future, Stagnant Scores

School ‘Reform’: A Failing Grade

Santa Clara County schools tops in state scores, yet feds see failure

Testing Money

26 Aug

Blood Money*


22 Aug

…or rather, the Testing Scandal

Good News in California Education…

17 Aug

Looking Beneath the Surface of Good News in California Education

s.note: good news is not really good news, it’s more education to the testing and narrow read-write-math curriculum, everything else is school after school, no more childhood play and discovery…