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Math from preschool through third grade

27 Nov

New initiative aims to enhance math from preschool through third grade

s.note: I see more kids bored in Kindergarten 😦

Preschool to College

26 Nov

Preschool Children Who Can Pay Attention More Likely to Finish College: Early Reading and Math Not Predictive of College Completion

Kindergarten? Transitional class? More preschool?

27 Jan

Shifting state law and budget has parents confused

The Virtues Of Play

18 Mar

Tot’s ‘Ivy’ suit

Can Bilingualism Make Preschoolers Smarter?

12 Jan

At Le Petit Paradis, preschoolers are learning their ABCs in both English and French. Aside from bilingualism’s practical benefits, parents and experts alike say speaking multiple languages offer other advantages.

s.note: well… we are making preschoolers smarter and smarter until they reach elementary school where they learn NO foreign language, art, sports…