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Earlier is Better…

16 Apr

Report debunks ‘earlier is better’ academic instruction for young children


early childhood education – start over

29 Aug

My view: Obama, Romney need to know one thing about early childhood education – start over

Dimitri Christakis – Media and Children

10 Feb

Want to get your kids into college?

13 Jan

Want to get your kids into college? Let them play

Can Bilingualism Make Preschoolers Smarter?

12 Jan

At Le Petit Paradis, preschoolers are learning their ABCs in both English and French. Aside from bilingualism’s practical benefits, parents and experts alike say speaking multiple languages offer other advantages.

s.note: well… we are making preschoolers smarter and smarter until they reach elementary school where they learn NO foreign language, art, sports…


10 Aug

Learning Through Play
Playing For Keeps


29 Jul Economic Scene – Study Rethinks Importance of Kindergarten Teachers

With all the recent (and not that recent) research in early childhood development, the big news finally reached the economic scene… here come the numbers.

Waiting for the next hot research on the importance of a second language acquisition in early childhood.