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Cheryl’s Birthday Math Problem

17 Apr

Here’s The Answer To The Cheryl’s Birthday Math Problem

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5-Year-Olds Can Learn Calculus

14 Mar

Why playing with algebraic and calculus concepts—rather than doing arithmetic drills—may be a better way to introduce children to math

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How our 1,000-year-old math curriculum cheats America’s kids

14 Mar

By hiding math’s great masterpieces from students’ view, we deny them the beauty of the subject.
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Five Questions to Ask about the Common Core

5 Jan

By Yong Zhao, adapted from World Class Learners: Educating Creative and Entrepreneurial Students
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High Quality Education

25 Sep

Dear Governor Brown, Please Sign AB250 For High Quality Education Into Law!

A common thread in education bills

Inject critical thinking into state standards to think outside the bubble

CURRICULUM: Consequences of Consumption

30 Aug

Santa Cruz school librarian challenges textbook changes


26 Aug

How to Fix Our Math Education