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BUDGET: Public Schools

28 Jan

Public Schools – Not Corrections – Account for Largest Share of State Budget


Education Cuts Map

23 May

School advocates wield Google in information campaign
K-12 News Network | Parents for Great Education site

s.note: GOOG (Education Cuts Map) vs MSFT (Education Spending Curve)

The War on Schools

3 Apr

Obama’s War on Schools
The No Child Left Behind Act has been deadly to public education.
So why has the president embraced it?

Shaping the Budget…

2 Apr

Schools potentially face tremendous cuts

s.note: cut, cut, cut, the curve is up… Flip the Curve in Education Spending


23 Mar

Taxing Millionaires Would Save Billions More Than Cutting Education And Programs For Main Street

Flip the Curve in Education Spending

2 Mar

s.note: I wonder where all this money went, I only hear about budget cuts these days/years…

STEM Education

16 Feb

STEM Education in the President’s 2012 Budget