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Khan Academy

4 Apr

The future of education?


19 Nov

A Retro-Rocketship to the Future: Corporate Education Reform Blasts Off in Silicon Valley

Education Reform BUSINESS

4 May

The Outrage of the Week

s.notes: outraged as well, there’s so much education research out there and we make a business of our kids …

Shaping the Budget…

2 Apr

Schools potentially face tremendous cuts

s.note: cut, cut, cut, the curve is up… Flip the Curve in Education Spending

Listening to What Teachers Have to Say

6 Mar

+ College-Ready Education (U.S.)

Flip the Curve in Education Spending

2 Mar

s.note: I wonder where all this money went, I only hear about budget cuts these days/years…

Watch Again

29 Dec

Helping Teachers Improve Via Video

Bill Gates: Excellence in teaching is measurable

30 Sep



12 Aug

Gates: Internet More Important Than University:

In Five Years The Best Education Will Come From The Web