CCSS Nonsense

5 Sep

Pull Your Hair Out As You Learn the Common Core Way of Doing 6 + 10
CCSSI Mathematics

s.note: this is really ridiculous or rather sad:

Instead of just, well, adding 9 and 6, students must run a gauntlet of extra addition, “decomposing” 6 into 1 and 5, “anchoring” 9 to 1 to make 10, and then adding the leftover 5.

Eureka! students all around the world, including US, are doing this without any CCSS conspiracy…

That 72% of graduating American high school seniors cannot calculate a circle’s circumference renders Pi Day “celebrations” somewhat premature.

Is this because of CCSS?

I do not hear much about switching to CCSS without textbooks, another nice gift for math teachers, or rather testing before teaching… or bringing back proofs but only halfway, in English essays rather than math logic… but really, 9+6=15, 2014, USA?


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