Finland’s Schools

20 Mar

Why do Finland’s schools get the best results?

s.notes: for a completely different story in US…

A tactic used in virtually every lesson is the provision of an additional teacher who helps those who struggle in a particular subject. But the pupils are all kept in the same classroom, regardless of their ability in that particular subject.

s.note: additional teacher ???

next goal is to target the brightest pupils

s.note: Gifted Students???

Finnish children spend the fewest number of hours in the classroom in the developed world.

s.note: and US kids probably spend the most hours in school + after school enrichment … for the business enrichment

Primary and secondary schooling is combined, so the pupils don’t have to change schools at age 13. They avoid a potentially disruptive transition from one school to another.

s.note: US kids are moved from a class to another starting in K…


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