Numbers for Thought

7 Jun

The Number Sense: How the Mind Creates Mathematics
By Stanislas Dehaene

More Animals Seem to Have Some Ability to Count
Counting may be innate in many species
By Michael Tennesen

Beyond the number domain
By Jessica F. Cantlon, Michael L. Platt, Elizabeth M. Brannon

Monkey math
Graduate student Jessica Cantlon is overturning long-held assumptions about primates’ numerical reasoning abilities.

Monkeys add up like we do
Rhesus monkeys master basic addition in a similar way to humans.

Monkeys Can Perform Mental Addition
By Duke Medicine News and Communications

Basic Math in Monkeys and College Students
By Jessica F. Cantlon, Elizabeth M. Brannon

Shared System for Ordering Small and Large Numbers in Monkeys and Humans
By Jessica F. Cantlon and Elizabeth M. Brannon

Chicks do arithmetic
Recently hatched fowls appear to add and subtract

A Neural Seat for Math?
By Liza Gross

By Glenn Doman, The Institutes for the Achievement of Human Potential


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