29 Jul

Florida Teacher’s Essay Becomes Rallying Cry for Respect

snotes: well, I am not a teacher, just a parent that knows the importance of teachers beyond curricula and many other things.

Why Summer Vacations Should Be Shorter

23 Aug

For parents, summer break often means expensive extracurriculars and an incredibly inconvenient schedule.

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How Finland Keeps Kids Focused Through Free Play

12 Aug

An American teacher in Helsinki questioned the national practice of giving 15 minute breaks each hour—until he saw the difference it made in his classroom.

What is Wealth?

29 Jul

Our attitude towards wealth played a crucial role in Brexit. We need a rethink
Stephen Hawking

Money was a key factor in the outcome of the EU referendum. We will now have to learn to collaborate and to share

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The Value of Struggle

10 Jun

@ MAA Focus

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Student: I thought the ‘best’ college for me was the most selective.

8 May

I was wrong.

Why Aren’t There More Scientists?

1 May

A One-Word Explanation

College is not a commodity

30 Apr

What truly makes an education valuable: the effort the student puts into it.


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